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Social Media Concern
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Thursday, May 11, 2017
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Attention Parents
Parents: Please be aware of the following social media challenges that is a concern for vunerable children.Kids download a social media app called VK that appears like any other social media app such as facebook or instagram asking for profile pictures, male/female, where you live etc. Once in the app, kids that want to take part in the challenge take a picture of something drawn on their hand or they put in a hashtag of various sorts that connects them to other challengers within this online community. 
Once accepted, there are individuals, called curators or masters, who seek out at risk youth, (typically ages 12-16 and kids that are posting depressive/suicidal thoughts or actions) and the grooming and pressure begins through a series of "challenges" that go on for 50 days. Initially the challenges may seem harmless, such as recording themselves listening to a certain song, going outside at 4:20 in the morning, etc., but as they progress and the children are groomed more, the challenges become more demanding and suggestive/obsessive with death; leading to cutting, dangerous activities, and the last challenge is to end their life.
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