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RCMS 2016-17 Performance Goals
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Monday, November 21, 2016
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Goal 1:

By May 2017, all teachers will demonstrate effective use of standards-based instruction as evidenced by an increase of students at or above Norm Grade Level Mean RIT.

Measurable Objective:

Each grade level will increase the number of students in the HiAvg/Hi NWEA quintiles and decrease the number of students in the Lo/LoAvg quintiles by 15% according to the following tables:

Spring 2016 (2017)









7th (8th)

137 (117)

72 (83)

105 (89)

108 (124)

6th (7th)

165 (140)

78 (90)

141 (120)

98 (113)

5th (6th)

161 (137)

102 (117)

127 (108)


Goal 2:

Prior to fall, winter, and spring NWEA testing sessions, every Math, ELA, and Science teacher will facilitate goal setting for each of their students based on NWEA Projected RIT/Student Progress Reports as evidenced by student goal setting worksheets.

Measurable Objective:

100% of students will set a personal goal prior to each testing session.

100% of students will complete post-test reflection on their goal after each testing session and participate in discourse with teacher on each goal.

100% of teachers will participate in whole staff PLC to review/discuss NWEA results.

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