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Alisa Rose Staff Photo
Ms.  Alisa  Rose
6th Grade Social Studies
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I received my Bachelor's of Arts in Russian Studies from Wells College in Aurora, New York in 1985.  My educational emphasis was on the language and culture of the Soviet Union and Russia.  I also studied German language and literature.

I have been teaching at Rosemary Clarke since 2002, where I started in 7th Grade Geography.  Prior to RCMS I taught inmates in White Pine County -- in both the maximum security Ely State Prison and the minimum security Honor Camp. 


I am a rural Nevada native who got the great good fortune to obtain my degree in Russian Studies from Wells College in upstate New York.  After a few years working in Municipal and County Government I became a certified teacher and I have never looked back.  My specialties include history, geography and world cultures.  Sixth Grade World History starts with the Paleolithic, or Old Stone Age about 30,000 years ago, we take a short side trip to Catal Huyuk and the Neolithic to learn about the earliest towns and agriculture before we visit ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt.  Once in Mesopotamia we will see what happens to Ishtar when she goes to the Netherworld, we will wander among the Pyramids and examine the Narmer Palette.  Battlefield technology will be examined starting with The Battle of Kadesh with Ramesis II against Mutwallis of Mesopotamia and does not end until the first hint of firearms in 1500's Europe.  Greek and Roman myths, battles and daily life are introduced.  Vikings will invade and extort silver.  The Dark Ages will be illuminated and we will find ourselves in the center of the Middle Ages.   There is nothing more thrilling than the study of history.

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