Progress Reports Quarter One

RCMS Parents & Guardians:

Mid-quarter progress reports are going home today. This school year, we as a staff have decided to count students NWEA scores for fall, winter, and spring as an assessment grade in the gradebook. With the push of going towards standards based instruction, we feel it is professionally appropriate to give parents and guardians a true gauge of where their student is performing in Math, English, and Science. The intent of using the NWEA MAPS assessment score also includes: motivating students to engage in their own academic progress, provide honest and reliable feedback and information about current academic ability based on independent standard-based assessment, and to identify standards-based skills that students are meeting as well as other standards that students are falling behind in. No student will score an F, or failing grade for the NWEA MAPS score based off of the grading scale that we created. All students will bring home their NWEA report along with their progress report on September 14th. Please look for these items in your student's backpack and have a conversation with them about the teacher comments and their scores. 

Citizenship is also included in your student’s progress report comments. This is our second year of providing a citizenship score. We are averaging the qualities of being responsible, respectful, safe, and nice. Our goal is to help students realize their potential not only as an academic student but a kind productive citizen. 

Thank you for being supportive in your student's education!