Welcome Back

Hello and Welcome to The Shark Tank! 

We look forward to the RCMS 2021-2022 school year. It will be a wonderful year of learning and fun, not to mention a year of pushing ourselves to be the best! Yes! That is correct; we are going to learn how to embrace failure and struggle in order to become our best selves while increasing rigor and striving for excellence. In addition, Covid has created some challenges and struggles, but we are rising above it all! Success cannot occur if we are not willing to try and try again. We aren’t going to give up! You and your parents are encouraged to try everything RCMS has to offer concerning your education. Your teachers are going to aid you in understanding your mistakes and create a safe place for you to truly comprehend the standards. You will be amazed to see how we have transformed our educational setting into a place to feel safe to experiment, learn and excel!

Some information for you:

  • Open House will be August 5th from 4-6pm. Please attend. To ease congestion, 6th-grade will get schedules in the gym, 7th-grade will collect schedules in the cafeteria, and 8th-grade will get schedules in front of their respective building, in the 8th grade courtyard. After picking up the schedules, meet the teachers, become familiar with the campus and see the changes. Information booths will be set up to aid with various needs such as: transportation, Nye Coalition, Health Aide (immunizations), Infinite Campus (IC), GEAR UP (8th grade only), etc. 

  • Breakfast and lunch are still free for all students! Breakfast and lunch routines remain the same as the prior year EXCEPT ALL students will report to their first period classes on Tuesday, August 10th and 11th. Your teacher will go over expectations so we are all aware of the procedures. Monday, August 9th, is an in-service day, no students on campus. 

  • We will continue to have our Shark Store open during all three lunches, and our Shark Card incentive program will continue. You can use your Shark Cards to purchase items in the store, or you can turn them into the prize bucket for a chance to either win a daily prize, a weekly prize, or a prize at the end of quarter reward assembly. To earn the cards, remember Sharks, we must Be Ready, Be Responsible, and Be Respectful. 

  • At this moment, per Governor Sisolak’s directive and to follow CDC guidelines, all students, staff, and parents on the RCMS campus must wear a mask while in the buildings, except when eating. 

We look forward to all the connections you will make while here at RCMS. Some of these relationships will last a lifetime!  The teachers and staff are here to help you feel welcomed and supported throughout your middle school journey. If you have any questions, please seek a member of the staff to help you. 

Please check out the supply list and dress code on our school website to help you be ready for the new school year.  Once again, WELCOME TO THE SHARK TANK! Let’s start swimming strong to the top!

Tim Wombaker                                     Erin Jerabek                                      April Sutton

   Principal                                                Assistant Principal                          Assistant Principal