Our after-school SAFE program will start on Monday, November 7th.  It will start after school and run until 4:40 pm.  Students need to report to your courtyard first and then come to the picnic tables once the walkers are dismissed.  At no point should students leave campus on their own and return back for SAFE.  They must stay on-site at all times and report to the picnic tables immediately following the student release for pickups and walkers.

We have an academic focus on math this year, along with homework help and a short time for activities at the end.  Students must be actively participating in our program and assigned activities to attend.  

Again, to attend SAFE, you must be picked up by 4:40 pm.  There are no buses at this time.  Again, there are no buses for safe.   Students can pick up and bring a filled-out registration form with them on their first day, or we will give you one to be filled out.  Again, you must be picked up at RCMS by 4:40 between the front office and the gym parking lot on the North side of the school.